About us

We are a group of admirers and enthusiasts for Czechoslovak design, while the era of functionalism and the time period of 1950-1970 have spoken to us the most. Our heart’s desire is so called “Brussels Style”, which has been created after the success of Czechoslovak pavilion at the World exposition Expo 58 in Brussels. The subjects, which have been a part of the exposition at Expo 58, were created as solitaires based on the governmental order and, firstly, they were to present the advancement of our country. After the worldwide success at Expo 58, smaller series were being produced for common consumers, as well. Artists and designers, who were a part of particular expositions of our pavilion, got better conditions for their next production after the success in Brussels and were enabled to collaborate with their designs directly with manufacturers. This way numerous great design products have been made in Czechoslovakia in the 60’s of the last century.


“Brussels style” affected almost all kinds of utility art: interiors, furniture, lights, glassware and china, textile, jewellery, photography, and more. This optimistically emerging trend in the area of culture and design has been forcefully interrupted in August of 1968, however, the manufacture of these products has partially continued in the 70’s.


Products from the 50’ – 70’ era gained our admiration thanks to their forthcoming beauty and we would like to save these from the cemetery of unnecessary items. We believe that solitaires from this era deserve our attention, appreciation, and care. Occasionally, they have a small scratch or patina on the wooden parts, but that relates to their story and soul. Professional artists designed these products in times, when the world was not been globalized to such a great extent and they reflect our culture of identity and artistic feeling.


In our offer you can also find several products from the era of functionalism in Czechoslovakia; we simply could not resist their functionality, thought-through details and beautiful materials they are made of. 


There are architects in our team, as well, who will gladly suggest the solitaire’s placement for you, either in a modern furnished apartment or they will make a proposition of the whole interior of an apartment, a coffee place, offices. We believe, that the unique Czechoslovak design of the 20th century has its place in modern living and makes a great piece for current modern interior  designing; adds up character and exceptionality.


Be inspired and discover the magic of refurbishment, reprocessing and individuality expression at your own interior.